Cronut (Croissant – Doughnut)


Cronut is very popular worldwide since it is the most searched in Google for the year 2014.

Cronut is the unique creation by Chef Dominique Ansel, cronut is croissant and a doughnut, since it was just launch last May 10, 2013 it boomed in the first quarter of the 2014. The cronut bakery is located at the New York City and you can buy a lot of flavors of cronut like Rose vanilla, Lemon Maple, Blackberry Lime, Coconut, Fig Mascarpone, Apple Creme Fraiche, Chocolate Champagne and Salted Dulce de Leche (the one in the image).

It is very delicious and affordable. For the doughnut lovers and croissant lovers this creation that will suit their taste. In addition to that, in December 2013, Time magazine named the cronut-doughnut or cronut as the one of the “25 Best Inventions” of 2013. Many of the customer are buying bulk orders because the production of the Cronut is limited, since it boomed they are making more Cronuts for the customers.

It is really a great idea by Chef Dominique Ansel, he created a masterful creation that not just good to see but the taste is really good. We have to try Cronuts.

doughnut doughnut doughnut

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