Paella (Spanish Cuisine)


A Spanish cuisine, Paella is a rice dish that originated from mid-19th century in a coastal lagoon in Valencia, east of Spain. Spanish food historian noted that the dish has a symbol; it symbolizes two important cultures in the Spain. The Roman, who gives utensils and the Arab which bought the basic food of humanity.

Paella has three types:
The Valencian Paella (Spanish: Paella Valenciana)
Mixed paella (Spanish: Paella Mixta)
Seafood Paella (Paella de Marisco)
Until the Paella become popular many types or version of Paella has been made worldwide. The Paella becomes popular throughout Western Europe, America, England and Philippines.

Preparing Paella is very easy; the basic recipe of Paella is below.

Paella is rice-based dish and according to the tradition in Paella, it is cooked in a big pan in an open fire, fueled by pine branches along with the pine cones. This will produce an additional aroma and taste on the Paella, after cooking the Paella, there are some of the toasted rice at the bottom of the big pan and it is the most delicious part of the Paella, it is called socarrat in Spain. The toasted rice develops on its own because the Paella is cooked over a big open fire that is why the fire is uncontrolled.

The Guinness World Record has recorded the largest Paella last October 02, 2001. The Paella fed for about 110,000 people according to Valencian restaurateur Juan Galbis.

Valencian Paella


Heat oil in a big pan.
Sauté meat after seasoning with salt.
Add green vegetables and sauté until soft.
Add garlic (optional)
Add grated tomatoes, beans and sauté.
Add paprika and sauté.
Add water, saffron.
Add snails and rosemary.
Boil to make broth and allow it to reduce by half.
Remove the rosemary.
Add rice and simmer until rice is cooked.
Garnish with more fresh rosemary.

Seafood Paella


Make a seafood broth from shrimp heads
Add onions, garlic and bay leaves in the broth.
Heat oil in a big pan.
Add mussels (cook until they open and then remove)
Sauté lobster and ,shrimp.
Remove both the lobster and shrimp.
Add chopped cuttlefish and sauté.
Add shrimp tails and sauté.
Add garlic and sauté.
Add grated tomato and sauté.
Add rice and braise in sofrito.
Add paprika and sauté.
Add seafood broth and then saffron.
Add salt to taste.
Replace the shrimp, mussels and lobster.
Simmer until rice is cooked.

Mixed Paella


Make a broth from seafood, chicken,
Add onions, garlic, bell peppers and bay leaf in the broth.
Heat oil in a big pan.
Sear red bell pepper strips and set aside.
Sear crustaceans and set aside.
Season meat lightly with salt and sauté meat until golden brown.
Add onions, garlic and bell peppers. Sauté until vegetables are tender.
Add grated tomatoes and sauté.
Add dry seasonings except for salt.
Add rice.
Braise rice until covered with sofrito.
Add broth.
Add salt to taste.
Add saffron and mix well.
Simmer until rice is almost cooked.
Replace crustaceans.
Continue simmering until rice and crustaceans are finished cooking.
Garnish with seared red bell pepper strips.

For all types of Paella, you can add food coloring so that you can achieve the perfect color of the Paella.
Happy Eating !!!

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