Potjiekos (African Dish)


Africa is not just desert and wild animals but they also have food that will surely make your tummy full. Potjiekos it is literally translated ‘small pot food”. It is a stew that always prepared outdoor because they are using wood for fire so that you can have a distinctive taste and a smoky flavor. In 17th century, they found a homes and villages that preparing this dish; the pot is heated using a small amount of wood or sometimes charcoal.

The recipe of Potjiekos includes meat, vegetables (carrots, cabbage, pumpkin, potatoes and cauliflower), they are all slow cooked with some spices. Other recipe is included fruits and flour-based like pasta. It is very healthy for them because they are not using condiments and some seasoning.

Here is the recipe of one of the type of Potjiekos.


Chicken and Sherry Potjie


1kg. Chicken Portions
2tbs. Butter
2tbs. Cooking Oil
2pcs. Onion
300g. Frozen Peas
300g. Mushroom
8 Carrots
Salt and pepper
Bay leaf
Sour Cream
Dry Sherry (optional)


heat the pot, chop the onions and fry when butter melted with oil.
Add the chicken portions and fry until it turns golden brown.
Low the heat and do not stir.
Put mushroom, carrots (sliced) and peas.
Add the bay leaf and add half cup of water.
Cover and simmer for about 45 minutes to 1 hour.
Add sour cream and you can also add dry sherry if available.
Do not stir and wait for another 45 minutes.
Serve with rice or bread.
It is a little bit hard to prepare and to cook, because of slow cooking method but when the time you cook Potjiekos, the taste of this dish is very delicious. Have a try of this recipe and in that you will feel that you are in Africa. Happy Eating to everyone!!!

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