Stingray Sambal (Indonesian Dish)


Technically, Sambal is a condiment and a chili-based sauce that has been known for a long time in Indonesia. Many of the dishes in the Indonesia is made with Sambal, it is made with shrimp paste, and some lemon juice and salt and pepper. We do have to prepare some water beside us because Sambal is really a spicy condiments and it complements really well in dishes.

Asian really love spicy flavor that is why there are some of the dishes that made with Sambal. Here are the ingredients of one of the dish with Sambal.

Stingray Sambal


1/2kg. Stingray
1lb Red Chile (Sambal)
5 ½ garlic, peeled and chopped
2 ½ ounces ginger, peeled and chopped
salt and pepper to taste
1tbs. lime zest


Blend the chilies, garlic, ginger and lemongrass in a food processor.
Gradually pout vinegar while processing.
Place the pureed mixture into sauce pan and bring to boil.
Reduce the heat because the consistency of the puree might not attain the perfect consistency of it.
Add sugar and stir well.
Add salt and pepper.
Add lime zest
Remove from the heat but do not stop stirring until the mixture cools.
Add the fried stingray and serve.

If you do not want a stingray there are many meat that can be use there is chicken breast, pork, beef, lamb and more. We have to be more creative of doing this dish because Sambal is compatible in any dish because of the taste of it.

You can keep Sambal in a sterilized jar for a long time. Happy eating to everyone!!!

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