Brezel (German Food)


A Brezel, it is German term but in other country it is pretzel. It is baked type bread product made from dough and it is commonly shaped into a knot. In the early middle ages, it is originated in Europe and the “pretzel loop” is the traditional shape that until now they are following the loop.

The ingredients and shape of the Brezel has a religious significance within the Catholic Church, it is basically prepared using only flour, water and this was traditionally made during Lent, during Lenten Season, all the Christians are forbidden to eat egg, dairy products like milk and butter and lard. As the time passed, Brezel or pretzel are associated with both Lent and Easter.

It became German Food because they often eat Brezel and this is one of the popular snacks in Germany, unlike in other country like US, German eats Brezel soft and with butter for dipping. Almost every region in Germany even the city has its own way of preparing and cooking Brezel or pretzel.

There are also toppings for Brezel like sesame seeds, poppy seeds, sunflower seeds, pumpkin seeds and caraway seeds and also with melted cheese and bacon bits.

In Bavaria, Germany, Lye Pretzel has the unglazed white pretzel; it is sprinkled with caraway seeds and salt and still popular until now. This pretzel shape is used with variety of sweet pastries and it made with different types of dough there are flaky, brittle, crispy and the most popular is the soft dough.

If you want to make your homemade Brezel or pretzel here are the ingredients.


For the Dough

1kg. Flour
260ml. Milk (lukewarm)
260ml. Water (lukewarm)
80g. Butter (unsalted)
1 tbsp. malt extracts
2 tsp. Dried yeast
2 tbsp. Salt

For the Finishing Solution:

1L Water
3tbsp. Baking Soda

for Toppings

The toppings is depending on your desired toppings.


Get a bowl and mix the flour and yeast. Cover and set aside in a warm room temperature for about 5 hours.
Mix, salt, milk, malt extract, and butter (melted).
Set aside for about 1 and a half hour until when the mixture pushed and gently springs back.
Make a pretzel shape in your dough. It easy way of making pretzel shape, you have to roll for 2cm. thick dough and make a pretzel knot.
After making all the dough pretzel knot, set aside for 30 minutes uncovered an in a warm room temperature.
While waiting for the dough, bring 1.5 liters of water to boil in a pot and add baking soda.
Once the dough has risen, place the tray next a window with some wind blowing. A fan is also advisable if the weather has no breeze. This will help to develop the dough skin which gives a chewy texture.
After that, drop the dough in boiling water with baking soda one at a time and it is cooked when the pretzel floats. Place the pretzel in a baking paper and sprinkle with salt and cheese.
Add the baking sheet to the 200C oven and cook the pretzel for about 16 minutes.
Do not achieve the golden brown or chestnut color of the pretzel; attain the brown color of the pretzel so that the flavour of the pretzel goes with it.
Remove from the oven and let it cool. It is best warm but much better if cooled so that there will be a crisp on the pretzel.

The recipe of the Brezel or pretzel is easy but the preparation and cooking of this is long but when you get the classic taste of Brezel you will surely get the satisfaction. It is perfect with the beer or cut in half and sandwiched with cheese, bacon or ham. Happy Eating to all of us!!!

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