Bandeja Paisa (Colombian Cuisine)


Colombian food has a very unique taste buds, each of the region of the country has its own dish and recipe. Their cuisine offers dishes that have been handled generation to generation.

Bandeja Paisa, this dish is one of their popular dishes; it is originally from the Andean region. Paisa refers to a person from the Paisa region. It also has many variations, some of the variation is known as Bandeja de Arrier, bandeja Montañera, or bandeja Antioqueña, these dish is the typical meal and popular meal of Colombian Cuisine.

The main characteristic of this dish is the amount of the food served, it is a tradition to them to serve generous amount of Bandeja Paisa. It has to be served in a large oval-shaped tray. This shape is the usual plate they are using in this dish; there are also several additions of ingredients in Bandeja Paisa which cannot be recognized as Bandeja Paisa when it comes to the strictest sense.

In 2005, the government of Columbia planned to make Bandeja Paisa as their national dish but they changed the original name to “Bandeja Montañera” or Mountain Tray, for the government to avoid some exclusion from the other regions. However, due to widespread ubiquity the Colombian Ajiaco (soup common to Cuba and Colombia) is instead considered as the indicative Colombian dish.

If you want a copy of Bandeja Paisa, here are the ingredients.


1 Paisa Pinto Beans (Frijoles Paisas)
1 White Rice (Arroz Blanco)
1 Powdered Beef (Carne en Polvo)
4 Fried Pork Belly (Chicharrones)
4 Cooked Chorizos
4 Fried eggs sunny side up
4 baked plantains or Tajadas de Plátano
1 Hogao
Avocado for Serving


Prepare beans, Hogao and powdered beef one day ahead and keep it on refrigerator.
After a day, heat the beans and powdered beef and Hogao.
Make a Chicharrones.
Cook the rice and plantains.
Fry the egg and chorizo.
Place the rice in an oval tray and place the rest of the ingredients.
Separate the bean in a bowl (optional)
You can ladle the bean on the top of the rice.
Serve with avocado.

Feel free to comment to add some ingredient on this recipe, some additional that may help a lot to improve the taste of popular dish of Colombian food. Happy Cooking and Eating to everyone!!!

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