Open Sandwich (Norwegian Dish)


Open Sandwich is very popular worldwide, this recipe is not just popular but the preparation and the unique style of serving this dish is very interesting. Norwegian cuisine is based largely on the raw materials that are readily available in Norway.

It differs in respect from the continental counterpart. The Modern Norwegian cuisine, although strongly influenced by its traditional background, there are bears nowadays with Americanization: pasta, pizza is the most common eaten as of today but still the traditional Open Sandwich will always be available and served.

Nevertheless, it is the typical food eaten during breakfast, since Norwegian eat four times a day they eat this also after snack with coffee and usually packed for lunch and even dinner.

Open Sandwich is also known as open face/faced sandwich, tartine or bread baser. The sandwich is a slice of bread with different spread. It is really fun to prepare because it will depends on the spread and the additional ingredients of the sandwich available near you.

Wanted to try some of the famous sandwich? Here are the ingredients.


Slice of bread (any bread available)
Meat (any meat available)
Salt and Pepper


Slice onion into rings.
Slice pickles into round.
Thinly slice meat.
Slice tomato lengthwise/round and remove the seeds.

In bread, spread mayonnaise.
Put the meat and sprinkle with salt and pepper (if desired).
Put all the remaining ingredients based on the garnish desire,

It is really easy and enjoys preparing; in this you can taste one of the popular dishes of Norway. I do enjoy preparing this dish, how about you? DO you want to try this and have some perfect spread of this dish? Feel free to comment below and share it to other readers. Happy Eating!!!

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