Flaki or Tripe Soup (Polish cuisine)


Polish cuisine style of cooking is always evolving over centuries because of Poland’s rich history. They share many similarities with the countries like Ukraine and Russia, their food is also influenced by Central Europe because of the same culinary tradition shared by each countries.

Poland is popular is their several types of sausages and also the traditional Polish smoked cheese called “Oscypek”. The main meal for the Polish us usually eaten about 2pm or later, it is lunch for them.

Poland is very rich in meat especially pork and chicken and generally speaking, their cuisine uses a lot of cream and eggs. One of the popular dishes of Polish is the Flaki or Tripe Soup, it is also one of their remedy for hangover. A hot soup that will also help you to boost your energy because of the rich and flavorful recipe if this dish.

Flaki or Tripe Soup is also a common in Greece, Turkey and Eastern Europe. During the middle ages, Polish dish was so heavy and spicy; it is for the energy they need to hunt food and also to work.

Polish job during middle ages was an agricultural and cereal crop farming that is why they need a soup to create and that is why they overcome with the idea of making a soup Flaki or Tripe Soup. Tripe is also common during middle ages until now that is why they used this as their main recipe.

Flaki or Tripe Soup is such a great food not just for hangovers remedy but also it gives energy; want to try Flaki or Tripe Soup? Here are the ingredients.


1 kg of pure cut up beef or pork tripe
0.5 kg of the beef meat (without bone)
4-5 carrots
Medium size celery
2 parsleys
Spoonful of butter
Two spoonful of the flour
One spoonful of the marjoram
Noodle (optional)


Clean the tripe cut and blanched.
In a pan, with water put beef and cook for about 1 hour.
In the meantime, cut carrots, celery and parsley.
Put the vegetables into the stock and cook for another 30 minutes.
Pour the tripe and add salt and pepper to taste.
Cook in a low heat bot 1 ½ hours.
Make the roux from butter and flour and add to soup while stirring continuously.
Before the end of cooking, you can add the marjoram.
Serve hot and with bread on the side.
You can add cooked noodles.

The noodles with add a perfect taste with this dish, many of the variation created today has noodles, but if you want to have a classic and still a perfect dish for cold weather, this is the dish that will suit your needs.

Have other version of Flaki or Tripe Soup? Feel free to comment the additional recipe of this dish. I do hope that you find this dish interesting to cook at home, enjoy your meal!!!

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