Papaya Salad (Lao cuisine)


Lao cuisine is a cuisine of Laos, their cuisine or dish has distinct from the other Southeast Asian cuisine. Lao dishes are often combined with sticky rice, they consider this as what Lao really is, and the team work behind all the problems and the bonding from family to family. They often eat sticky rice using their hand, in fact, Lao are one of the country who uses sticky rice rather than normal rice worldwide.

Lao cuisine is originally come from the northern region that now is part of China. As they moved, they brought their traditional cuisine even though the availability of the recipe and crops are changed because of the weather and the region.

As times go by, they overcome with the dish that made their country popular because of this delicious dish and a healthy food to eat.

Papaya Salad, a dish that combines the five tastes of their local cuisine, sour, chilli, salty, savoury and sweet. In addition to that, Papaya Salad is listed as World 50 Most Delicious Food in CNN Go in 2011 and listed at number 46.

This make me confused what really is the taste of this dish because of the combination of recipes. That is why I searched a lot from the internet of this recipe, here are the ingredients.


2 cups shredded papayas
1 tbsp. fermented fish (padek option)
3 tbsp. sugar
2 tbsp. Lime juice
1 garlic clove
4 chillies
1 tablespoon shrimp paste
1⁄4 tablespoon crab, paste
1 tbsp. fish sauce
1 tbsp. Seasoning (option)
6 cherry tomatoes cut in half


In a large mortar and pestle, pound garlic and chillies together.
Add shrimp and crab paste and continue pounding until the mixture are combined completely.
Add the shredded papaya and the rest of the ingredients.
Adjust the taste of your dish and it should be hot, sour, salty and sweet.

Papaya Salad is very easy to prepare, no cooking applied to this dish and the recipe of this dish is always available in the market.

The unripe papaya is the most important recipe of this dish; it is advisable to choose the papaya which is completely green. I do enjoy the taste of Lao cuisine, especially the Papaya Salad.

Adding some meat and veggies is also perfect for this dish and I do hope that you will get to cook Lao cuisine; I do hope that you will cook this healthy recipe and feel free to comment below about the experience of cooking this recipe. Enjoy cooking!!!

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