Blueberry Pancake


Oh! It’s time for pancake; did you know that pancake was made by the Ancient Greeks since 5th Century? Before it was made with wheat flour, olive oil, honey and curled milk and served during breakfast.

Pancake is a flat cake that usually thin and round and prepared from a starch-based batter. It is cooked in a flat hot surface with melted margarine or butter. Pancake is served during breakfast but because of the variation made from time to time, it was eaten during afternoon snack and even dinner.

Serving different toppings in pancake is great and enjoy to make, it is really a good choice if I add this to my blog. Since one of my favorite toppings in pancake is blueberry, I will be making and share to my readers how to make a delicious yet affordable recipe of Blueberry pancake.

But before that, did you know that there is “Pancake Day”? Yes, it is celebrated every Shrove Tuesday, a day in February or March preceding Ash Wednesday it is a first day of Lent. Pancake Day is celebrated in Canada, UK, Ireland, Australia and New Zealand.

It is really fun to watch Pancake Day because they usually has a Pancake Race and participated by many housewives.

I know you want to try one of my favourite pancakes, a Blueberry Pancake, here are the ingredients.


2 cups Original Bisquick™ mix
1 cup milk
2 Medium Eggs
2-3 cups of fresh blueberry jam or frozen organic blueberries (thawed)


Heat griddle or skillet over low-medium heat or to 375°F griddle.
Grease with butter.
Mix Bisquick, milk and eggs (do not over mix)
Gently stir 1/8 of the blueberry jam or thawed and mashed organic blueberry.
Pour all the mixture, it is hard to achieve the perfect and cooked pancake because of the thickness of the pancake, but once you observe that the edges are dry, it is done already.
Turn to cook the other side of the pancake.
After cooking, place the pancake in plate and drizzle the entire remaining blueberry jam or organic blueberries in pancake and serve.

The perfect taste of blueberry and the not so sweet pancake will surely fir your taste. Share it with your family and friends.

Have some different toppings of the pancake also? Comment below and share your recipe to us, I know that your recipe is good one too. Happy eating to everyone!!!

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