Halo-Halo: More fun in the Philippines


Since it is summer, I just want to add some of the most popular dessert or snack of Filipinos, “Halo-Halo”. It is basically a mixture of various fruits like beans, coconut meat, jack fruit, dried rice (pounded), purple sweet yam, sweetened banana, shaved ice and milk and more.

Halo-Halo is usually served in a clear tall glass or big bowl that shows the colorful ingredients of the dish. It is topped with melting ice-cream that has a big factor and taste while eating Halo-Halo.

Filipinos love sweets, many variations are being created, they make unique recipe so that it will be popular. Every summer it is students’ vacation, some of the Filipino students are using their vacation to have an income for the next school year by selling Halo-Halo to their neighborhoods.

It is one of the factor that Filipino has, helping their family and keeping everyday a happy day. I know that you want to know the recipe of Halo-Halo, I won’t keep you waiting, and here are the ingredients for a single serving.


2 tbsp. Sugar palm fruit
2 tbsp. Jackfruit
2 tbsp. Coconut meat
2 tbsp. Sweetened kidney beans
2 tbsp. Sweetened garbanzos
2 tbsp. Sweetened plantains
2 tbsp. Sweetened purple yam
2 tbsp. Custard or crème caramel
2 tbsp. Sweetened corn kernels
crushed ice to fill glass
2/3 evaporated milk
a scoop of ice cream on top


Put all the fruits in a clear tall glass or big bowl.
Shave or crushed ice and fill it in the glass or bowl, it is traditionally filling the glass or bowl with some excess ice because when the ice and fruits are mixed together the quantity of the mixture are lessen.
Scoop an ice cream and place it on top.

It is easy to make, isn’t it? I know you are craving to this recipe, the sweet taste and the traditional procedure will really make you feel that you are truly in the Philippines, but there is no reason to visit the Philippines and experience all the delicacies they are offering.

Have an experience tasting Halo-Halo? Comment below and feel free to share it to the readers. Happy eating!!!

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