Sushi (Japan)


First blog is from Japan. Japanese cuisine is all about raw food, they are eating raw fish that can be super delicious when they serve it along with the “Sushi Master”, that’s what they call it. There are different kinds of sushi: Nigiri, Gunkan, Norimaki, Temaki, Oshizushi, Inari and Chirashi.

All of these are very delicious with Wasabi. A fresh fish is a very important recipe of the sushi and with the perfect presentation of the sushi your satisfaction is always guaranteed. Even eating sushi has etiquette, one of the important thing you should do while eating Sushi is eat your Sushi as a whole, you should not bite a piece of sushi and replace the half in your plate. Once you picked, you should eat all of it.

For the newbie Sushi eater, you should order a Maki, it is wrapped in seaweeds and has a slice of raw fish, and a single roll of the Maki is about four to six pieces when sliced. Once you have tried Maki, Nigiri will be the next and in that you had a true Sushi experience. You should know about Wasabi, it is not bitter, nor sweet, nor sour, wasabi is a green paste that made from Japanese Horseradish, it is very, very, very, very spicy that can be added to your Sushi, if you are more of spicy eater, you should try this but you have to get a water and a piece of napkin because you will wipe your eyes after you try Wasabi.

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