Homemade Quark Bread


Quark is a diary product that is commonly used in German-speaking countries and Northern Europe, Quark is translated as curd cheese, farmer cheese and cottage cheese. Making Homemade Quark Bread is a little bit hard, but when you usually bake loaf and some type of bread, you can easily get and understand the process of preparing Homemade Quark Bread. Quark is a hard to find since it is usually available in Northern Europe, but you can find it in some market but the price is a bit high, find the best brand so that you can get the fresh dairy […]

Lemon & Poppy Seed Cake


Who does not want a Poppy Seeds? But for some readers, what Poppy Seeds really is? Poppy Seeds is an oilseed obtained from the opium poppy. The tiny color black kidney-shaped seeds have been harvested for thousands of years. It can be used whole or ground and used in many type of food.



Meringue is a type of dessert associated with Italian, Swiss and French cuisine. It is made from egg whites and sugar. Meringue is such a great dish but the process of this recipe is hard. Even the recipe are just two to four ingredients, the process should be carefully done including the room temperature. One of the important matters during process is the room temperature. The key to the formation of a good meringue is the stiff peaks, formed by denaturing the protein via mechanical shear.

Pastel De Nata


Pastel De Nata is a Portuguese tart made from egg pastry and common in countries like Brazil, Cape Verde, Angola and introduced later in China. In addition, it is also popular in countries like Canada, Australia, US and France that has significant Portuguese immigrant population.

Review: Meiji Chocolate Marble

My son just loves this chocolate when my boss gave some to him. It has 3 flavours, the plain chocolate, and chocolate marble with strawberry and chocolate marble with peanuts. He first ate the plain chocolate. After a few minutes, he opened the chocolate marble with strawberry. I can see how he loves the sweet taste of these two flavours and how he enjoys every piece of it! When it is the chocolate marble with peanuts, he handed it over to me not because he does not live it but because he does not eat nuts so I am the […]

Review: Furuta Japanese Chocolae Cookies

This chocolate cookies looks like just normal cookie with a chocolate filling. I have been given a box of it by a friend as a treat. She suggested to me to give a try to it since I am a bit picky in terms of food and even on snacks. I accepted this box of snacks and tasted a piece of it. It appeases my picky taste for I have liked the taste of it. The chocolate sweet filling is just right as well as the taste of the cookie itself. I get another bite and later did I now […]

Walnut Maple Cake


In every feast or celebration cake is the main dish or sweet in the table and a good garnishing or presentation of the cake is also an advantage in every celebration. However, even if the presentation, color and the design of the cake good but the taste of the cake is not that perfect or not good at all it will be your disadvantage. If you are having a hard time when it comes to the taste of the cake and preparing the recipe of it, I will be the one who will help you to fix the things that’s […]

Review: Befco Japanese Shrimp Flavoured Rice Cracker

I thought this rice cracker is just a plain rice cracker. But as I gave a bite, I found it tasty especially the shrimp flavour of it is soothing to my mouth particularly to my tongue. The taste of it is just right as well as its crunchiness wherein the shrimp flavour is really blended with its saltiness. At first I thought it is not that good to eat but I was wrong. Japanese snacks are very particular in the ingredients they use and it is very delicious. I will have another bite of it after this piece!