Homemade Quark Bread


Quark is a diary product that is commonly used in German-speaking countries and Northern Europe, Quark is translated as curd cheese, farmer cheese and cottage cheese. Making Homemade Quark Bread is a little bit hard, but when you usually bake loaf and some type of bread, you can easily get and understand the process of preparing Homemade Quark Bread. Quark is a hard to find since it is usually available in Northern Europe, but you can find it in some market but the price is a bit high, find the best brand so that you can get the fresh dairy […]

Croquettes (Spanish Food)


Croquettes is small bread crumbed fried food from Spain that roll containing mashed potato and ground meat. Croquettes are not just popular in Spain but in other country as well, in Belgium, they have a variety of Croquettes that filled with shrimp and garnished with a slice of lemon and deep-fried parsley. They have different version of Croquettes because parsley and lemon are their favourite addition in every meal.

Brezel (German Food)


A Brezel, it is German term but in other country it is pretzel. It is baked type bread product made from dough and it is commonly shaped into a knot. In the early middle ages, it is originated in Europe and the “pretzel loop” is the traditional shape that until now they are following the loop. The ingredients and shape of the Brezel has a religious significance within the Catholic Church, it is basically prepared using only flour, water and this was traditionally made during Lent, during Lenten Season, all the Christians are forbidden to eat egg, dairy products like […]

Macaron (French Sweets)


Macaron or Macaroon, Macron, McCarron or Macaroni (don’t be confused with different terms) is a French sweet merengue-based, it is made with egg white, almonds and sugar they also add a food coloring to add some life in the Macaron. The Macaron is filled with buttercream, ganache or jam filling, the fillings is sandwiched between the biscuit or cookies. Some of the common flavours of the Macarons are: Almond, Blueberry, Caramel, Chocolate, Coconut, Honey, Lemon, Orange, Peppercorn, Pistacio, Rose and Vanilla, they are also adding flavors to suit some of the customers taste.