Review: Befco Japanese Shrimp Flavoured Rice Cracker

I thought this rice cracker is just a plain rice cracker. But as I gave a bite, I found it tasty especially the shrimp flavour of it is soothing to my mouth particularly to my tongue. The taste of it is just right as well as its crunchiness wherein the shrimp flavour is really blended with its saltiness. At first I thought it is not that good to eat but I was wrong. Japanese snacks are very particular in the ingredients they use and it is very delicious. I will have another bite of it after this piece!

Review: Meiji Milk Chocolate Extreme

I have no particular kind or brand of chocolate as long as it is sweet. I admit I am not so familiar with the taste of Meiji Meiji Milk Chocolate Extreme but when I tried one, I find its sweetness just right. It is melting in my mouth actually and I had love the taste of it especially that it is my first time to taste it and I cannot help but to crave for more. I guess I will be including this Meiji Meiji Milk Chocolate Extreme in my lists of sweets!