Bandeja Paisa (Colombian Cuisine)


Colombian food has a very unique taste buds, each of the region of the country has its own dish and recipe. Their cuisine offers dishes that have been handled generation to generation. Bandeja Paisa, this dish is one of their popular dishes; it is originally from the Andean region. Paisa refers to a person from the Paisa region. It also has many variations, some of the variation is known as Bandeja de Arrier, bandeja Montañera, or bandeja Antioqueña, these dish is the typical meal and popular meal of Colombian Cuisine.

Steak (American Food)


Steak is a thick slice of meat that cut for roasting or pan frying or grilling, it is one of the comfort food of America, we all know that America most likely went to fast food and eat junk food but Americans also have an amazing taste when it comes to their appetite. Steak is basically a cut of meat; it can be beef, pigs, turkey, deer, bison, goat, sheep and also horse meat and as well as fish especially salmon. It is sliced perpendicularly to the muscle of the meat and including the bone. A grilled to perfection especially […]